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Submarine Landslide Workshop – Wellington

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Researchers with an interest in submarine landslides are invited to a day of presentations and discussions on submarine landslide research in New Zealand and further afield. A delegation from Kiel University and GEOMAR in Germany will be visiting and we are taking the opportunity to bring the New Zealand submarine landslide research community together. Anyone with an interest in this topic is welcome to join us, and to give a short presentation of relevant research if they wish. There is no fee for the workshop. Please indicate your intention to attend, including a presentation title and brief abstract if relevant, to the email the convenors on the addresses shown by 1 November.   When: 19 November.      Where: GNS Science, Avalon. Wellington.   Convenors:         Christof Mueller (,     Joshu Mountjoy (  

NASA Rover Finds Old Streambed on Martian Surface – what do you think?

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NASA have reported tantalizing evidence of river activity on Mars.  Key to this idea is identification of what look to be poorly-sorted angular conglomerates. Could these have been deposited my moving fluids?  If so, for how long did they flow, how fast and how far did these sediments move?  What do you think?   The images are from NASAs Jet propulsion Lab