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Sedimentology at AGCC 2018

Written by Kathryn Amos on . Posted in Meetings

The big Australian Earth Science event of 2018 is almost upon us - AGCC 2018!

In addition to the technical sessions, please come along to a Sedimentologists gathering! This informal meeting will hopefully be a great opportunity to get together with lovers of sedimentology from across the country and overseas, to meet old friends and makes some new ones. We hope to see you there, 6-7pm Tesday 16th October, meeting room R4.

The full program has now been released, and it is looking to be a most excellent meeting. For the sedimentology community, there are a lot of sessions to keep an eye out for,some of which are:
- Source-to-sink sedimentary Basin Processes
- Advances in structural, igneous metamorphic and sedimentary geology
- Prediction, Process, Place: Geomorphology
- Understanding the Surface
- Earth's Climate, Past, Present and Future
- Marine Geoscience - the Evolving Oceans
- Ancient and Historical Record of Life in Australia
- The Origins and Development of Life
- Mass Extinctions
- Petroleum and its co-products
- Groundwater challenges and opportunities
- The National Virtual Core Library
- Planning the Future of Geoscience
- Geoscience aspects of the storage of energy related waste
- Geoscience data delivery
- Ediacaran and Cambrian Symposium
- Mathematics, modelling, AI, robotics and machine learning applied to the acquisition and interpretation of large or complex geoscience data sets
- Geohazards, risk and mitigation
- Geology in Society: geotourism and geoheritage
- Geobiology
- Optimisation and uncertainties in Earth models
- Making better exploration decisions through an integrated geoscience approach