About Us

ANZsed was born from the desire to bring together active academic and industry sedimentologists in the geographically-spread Australia and New Zealand regions. The immense diversity of physical, biological, and chemical surface processes, climatic zones, and sedimentary geology in the region affords the opportunity to carry out cutting edge research in a range of natural laboratories. In recognition of our unique location Drs Kathryn Amos (University of Adelaide) and Lorna Strachan (University of Auckland), both from the UK and members of the British Sedimentological Research Group (BSR[l1] G),initiated the network to act as a means for researchers (academics, industry workers, research fellows, and students) to make contacts and obtain support, both scientific and financial. We also hope that this network will facilitate discussion and transfer of ideas and expertise between sedimentologists working in modern and ancient depositional systems, and focussed on pure and applied research. We have strong links with other groups (e.g. Australia and New Zealand Geomorphology Group, Australasian Quaternary Association) and hope that members of these with overlapping research interests will also benefit from and contribute to the ANZ-Sed network through this website and mailing list.


ANZ Sedimentology Network[l2] 

The Australia New Zealand Sedimentology group (ANZ-Sed) is a new informal network of sedimentologists affiliated with and linking to the sedimentology special interest groups of the Geological Society of Australia [l3] and the Geoscience Society of New Zealand[l4] . Anyone with research interests in sediments and sedimentology in Australia, New Zealand, and the SW Pacific region are encouraged to make use of this website and to join our mailing list.


It is hoped that ANZ-Sed will become the main focus point for all aspects of sedimentological research in the Oceaniaregion. The aims of this network are to:

  • Promote communication and a sense of community between sedimentologists in the region, open to all people interested in sedimentology research (including academics, industry geologists, students, and amateurs);
  • Support and encourage young researchers (PhDs and post-docs) in sedimentology (for example through travel grants and awards);
  • Organise research meetings and field-based workshops, and to host gatherings and/or sedimentology sessions at local Earth Science meetings and conferences (e.g. ASEG, GSNZ);
  • Provide a resource-base focused on ANZ sedimentology through this website.

 [l1]link to: http://www.bsrg.org.uk/

 [l2]See changes above….p.1

 [l3]Add link to: http://gsa.org.au/specialgroups/asg.html

 [l4]Add link to: http://www.gsnz.org.nz/information/sedimentology-group-i-56.html