The Peer Prize for Women in Science is now open for voting! This is an annual prize for women researchers across Australia with a mission to accelerate open knowledge exchange and cross-disciplinary innovation. Researchers from around the world can log in to vote; last year’s inaugural competition had over 1400 researchers vote and the competition engaged nearly 100 000 people.

There are a couple of sedimentology entries:

Dr Sara Moron (University of Melbourne) presents a research project investigating the controls on levee breaching and crevasse splay and avulsion formation.
You can see her entry, including a nice short video explaining her research, here:


Mardi McNeil (Queensland University of Technology) presents research, and a great short video, on carbonate reef sediments from algal bioherms: https://www.thinkable.org/submission_entries/V97w6p9L

If you’re a researcher (anywhere in the world), then you can register and vote for your preferred entry. Please do!

You can view all entries here:


Voting closes on June 16th 2017.