PhD Opportunity in sedimentology and sedimentary provenance studies of intraplate orogenic-related sedimentation.


We seek a highly motivated student with strong field-based research interests in sedimentology and detrital mineral geochronology to be part of a collaborative, multi-disciplinary research program investigating the Carbonifeous sedimentary record across eastern Australia.


Sedimentary rocks are a key recorder of tectonic events. This fundamental Australia-based research will take new approaches to establish a finely tuned record of orogenic processes deforming the continental interior and how sediment loading from this mountain building event may have affected extension and magmatism at the continental margin. This project will examine the Late Devonian to Early Carboniferous (~380-320 Ma) continental sedimentary record across central and eastern Australia as this time slice records widespread rift basin development in northeastern Australia, intraplate orogenic events in central Australia (Alice Springs Orogeny), the progradation of a major sheet of cratonic-derived quartz-rich sand spreading outwards across Australia, and the initiation of Late Paleozoic glaciation. Mutliple dating techniques applied to the detrital minerals will be a key component of this project, revealing both the igneous and high-grade metamorphic history (from U/Pb zircon and rutile ages), and the recent tectonic and exhumation history (using lower temperature thermochronometers) of the source region. These new data will provide new insights into the relationship and timing of sedimentation and deformation.


Queensland University of Technology has one of Australia’s fastest growing research profiles, and aims to become research-intensive in selected areas of strength and priority. QUT’s focus is to undertake high-impact research that is both of the highest academic quality and also aimed at making a real and practical difference to the world around us.


Application process:


A MSc degree in Earth Sciences (or equivalent) and excellent communication skills in English are a prerequisite. We seek a student with previous experience in field mapping, stratigraphy/sedimentology, sedimentary petrology and/or geochronology. The annual scholarship round is now open with applications closing on October 12, 2012.


Information on the PhD scholarships available and how to apply can be found at: http://www.qut.edu.au/research/scholarships-and-funding/research-scholarships


Academic and Research Experience Required:

a)         a relevant first class or second class division A honours degree or equivalent, or an appropriate research masters or professional doctorate, from a recognised institution OR

b)         a coursework Masters or  professional doctorates with

a.         a grade point average of at least 5.0 on a 7 point scale and

b.         an significant level of research experience such as publications and research work



A demonstrated sufficient command of English to complete the proposed course of study.


For further information, please contact:


Dr Scott Bryan (scott.bryan@qut.edu.au)

Earth, Environmental and Biological Sciences,

Faculty of Science and Engineering

Queensland University of Technology

GPO Box 2434

Brisbane Queensland 4001


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