The program for the upcoming Australian Earth Sciences Convention is now published, and it looks like there will be some excellent sedimentology and stratigraphy presentations.

There will hopefully be a meeting of the GSA Sedimentology Special Interest Group during AESC; we’ll post an announcement here when it is arranged.
Hope to see you there! 26-30th June, Adelaide Convention Centre. www.aesc2016.gsa.org.au


I’ve had a look through the program and extracted presentations with a sedimentology focus. If you think I’ve missed any, please post details in the comments!


Sara Moron Polanco

Investigating causes of river avulsion: a case study from the Magdalena River, Colombia. Insights for fluvial petroleum Reservoirs

John Counts

Sedimentology and Salt-Sediment Interaction in a Clastic Fluvial-Deltaic System from the Adelaide Rift Complex of South Australia

Melissa Craig

Experimental analogue study – How does organic matter affect the head velocity and run-out distance of cohesive sediment gravity flows?

Adriana Dutkiewicz

Controls on the global distribution of seafloor sediments: implications for the interpretation of the deep-sea sedimentary record

Ron Hackney

Deep stratigraphic drilling for tectonics, climate and ancient life on the Lord Howe Rise continental ribbon

Brad Pillans

Lake George: a sedimentary archive of the Quaternary Period

Glen Bann

Tuffs, dykes, xenoliths, glendonites, fossils and volcanoes; a review of the volcanology and sedimentation of the Mid Permian southern Sydney Basin

Penelope Clifford

Sedimentary processes, stratigraphic sequences, and middens: the link between archaeology and geoheritage – a case study from the Quaternary of the Broome region, Western Australia

Johnathon Tyler

The nature and causes of megadroughts in south-eastern Australia: evidence from Holocene lake sediments, Victoria

Ian Brandes de Roos

Sedimentary basins for geothermal energy: the Montgomery House example

Sandra Occhipinti

Development of the northern Yilgarn margin between 2200 and 1960 Ma – as recorded in the volcano-sedimentary record

Simon Holford

Insights into the nature and extent of sedimentary basins underlying the Eucla Basin from reprocessing and interpretation of the 13GA-EG1 Eucla-Gawler Seismic Survey

Jordan Mill

Sequence Stratigraphic Analysis of the Epsilon Formation, Merrimelia Ridge, Cooper Basin – South Australia

Robert Nicoll

Cisuralian stratigraphy, biostratigraphy and interbasin correlation, eastern Australia: implications for exploration

Carmine Wainman

Climate or Subsidence? Geologic Controls on the Stratigraphic Distribution of Coal Beds in the Jurassic Walloon Coal Measures, Surat Basin, Australia

Elizabeth Jagodzinski

Precise zircon U-Pb dating of volcanic horizons in the Palaeoproterozoic Wilyama Supergroup of the Curnamona Province: advances in stratigraphy of the Olary Domain

Catherine Brown

Defining Stratigraphic Units; more than polygons in a GIS

Alex Cherry

Sedimentary facies within the Olympic Dam Breccia Complex: A potential metal source

Judith Travers

Improving the Durham Downs Gas Field three dimensional earth model by integrating regional data, image log data and seismic waveform classification


Alan Collins

U-Pb and Hf Zircon Data Sources the New Zealand Torlesse and the Ceduna Sub-Basin Sediment Origin to Queensland, Indicating Widespread Mesozoic Erosion and Sediment Distribution

Laura Phillips

Sedimentary trends in Late Permian coal measure strata, Galilee Basin

Valeria Bianchi

Coupling dynamic topography with Stratigraphic Forward Modelling: case study Springbok Sandstone

Carmine Wainman

The Correlation of Fluvio-Lacustrine Strata with Dated Volcanic Tuffs: An Example from the Jurassic Walloon Coal Measures, Australia