The AAPG Student Chapter at the University of Adelaide would like to extend an invitation to our annual AAPG Student-Industry Field Trip, to be held on November 16-18, 2012:

“Depositional environments of the Hawkesbury Sandstone and associated Permo-Triassic strata in the Sydney Basin”

This year’s field trip, investigating the depositional environments and sequence stratigraphic framework of the Permo-Triassic strata of the Sydney Basin, will be led by Professor Peter McCabe (Queensland University of Technology). The primary focus will be the Triassic Hawkesbury Sandstone, which is spectacularly exposed in coastal outcrops south of Sydney. Classically interpreted as the deposit of a large sandy braided river, the Hawkesbury has recently been reinterpreted as deposited in a tide-dominated setting. Participants will be encouraged to examine the outcrops to formulate their own interpretations. Underlying Permo-Triassic strata will be examined and the evolution of the Sydney Basin discussed. This fieldtrip provides an excellent opportunity for those wishing to learn more about sedimentary structures, sequence stratigraphic concepts, and sandstone geometries on a reservoir scale. A major objective of the field trip is to provide the petroleum geology students at Adelaide University with an opportunity to network with industry professionals from across Australia while learning new concepts in the field.

For further information and payment details, refer to this attached document. Keep in mind that industry places are limited; please contact us ASAP (details in attachment) if you are interested in attending, and feel free to circulate to any interested colleagues.

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